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Picture of the day: Daily life on the Mekong river

Another from the archive, but previously not shown. This is shot at the mighty Mekong river in Vietnam last year. A very interesting place to be, with a lot of history and culture. The Mekong is the lifeline, and todays image is of  what I  guess are some local fisherman that are out doing what they to, surrounded by stunning scenery.


Picture of the day: So many coconuts…..

This little image is shot at the Mekong delta in Vietnam last summer. No stop in South East Asia should be without a trip to the mighty Mekong.  After some hours on the river we went ashore on this little family run coconut business.  This young man had the job of splitting them open, and as you can see of the piles of coconut on all sides of him. His job was done with skill and efficiency.


Cleaning out coconuts at the Mecong river

One of the many highlights of the trip to Vietnam, is to visit the mighty Mekong. When I was there we got to visit at family business that was producing coconuts, and the image is showing  a man that have the job of cleaning out the coconuts. The job was very fast and really impressively done.