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Moose grazing

This is the moose (or elk) , and the king of the forest. Majestic animals, and quite nice to look at . Just remember to keep the distance, they are large, fast and extremely powerful.


Animals of the day: Moose, birds and bugs

A nice thing about heading towards summer is that a lot of life is showing it self.

First of we have the King of the forest. The moose.


Next I have a small and not so friendly little bugger. It is a tick (flått på norsk) . It hides on the skin, and can cause a lot of harm bringing different types of illnesses.


Then we have some shorebirds enjoying the sun….. Everybody like a stroll on the beach…. right?


And last but not least. One more picture of the king of the forest. The moose. This time I think I interrupted it while he was having dinner….