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Picture of the day: A little harbour life

We are experiencing some sunny and nice weather of lately, and that is quite welcome, since the earlier summer months have  been more like a “wet season”.  The image shows a harbour facility with a small pir located in the middle of my hometown.


Picture of the day: Sunny day in Northern Norway

Another image from earlier this week. And it is shot not far from where I live in Northern Norway.  So I just feel like advertising a little bit for you out there that reads my blog, and might be considering a trip close to the arctic circle, and enjoys dramatic scenery and stunning nature.


Picture of the day: A view of my hometown today

It haven’t been all that windy and rainy today, so I could take my drone out for a little spin. It is always a nice experience to see the world from another perspective.
So I took this shoot about an hour ago, and just to try to make people understand how the clouds are forming, and probably some bad weather will hit my hometown soon, so  I added the effect of black and white.

Have a good day for the remains of the weekend.