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Autumn evening…

I was out the other day, and fall is here.  So a little “nightly” image as seen thru the woods up here in Northern Norway.


Picture of the day: Fall is here

I was out and about today, and one of the more photogenic location that I know is the local harbour, and the ships entering , docking and leaving. Todays shot is from earlier today, and as you can se from the clouds , even if the weather is kind of ok , the summer is definitely leaving, and a colder and wetter season is getting closer.


Picture of the day: Sunny day in Northern Norway

Another image from earlier this week. And it is shot not far from where I live in Northern Norway.  So I just feel like advertising a little bit for you out there that reads my blog, and might be considering a trip close to the arctic circle, and enjoys dramatic scenery and stunning nature.