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Moose grazing

This is the moose (or elk) , and the king of the forest. Majestic animals, and quite nice to look at . Just remember to keep the distance, they are large, fast and extremely powerful.


Picture of the day : Deer me

This is one from the archive. Shot outside my parents hometown on the western part of Norway about a year ago. Unlike in my hometown where elk (moose) and venison are plentiful. There are deer that are the name of “game” on those parts of  Norway. I think they look quite stunning.


Early morning at Oslo central station (a little street photography)

I just came home from a short trip to Oslo last night, and when I was there I thought it could be a good idea to test a little street photography. So I went early to the central station, and there is a lot of nice activity to see, especially in the early “commuter hours”.

Have added a little amount of “grain” to the images, just for emphasise the context of “a busy morning”,  and not the specific people.

You see a lot of people rushing to get to there trains and destination on time.

The station it self have been refurbished, and I think it looks quite good.

People where starting to get a little anxious…..

People was getting ready to catch there trains, and other trains was arriving.


Picture of the day: If your pictures is not good enough, you are not close enough (MACRO)

It is a nice spring day here in northern Norway, and I felt like venturing out doing some macro shots of the forest that are coming alive. So like the old master Robert Capa said,  pictures is about getting close, and MACRO shots is all about that. Image of the day  is of a little top of a flower, showing it self of. It is shot in the middle of the day, and if you are wondering about the black background is because I used a flash to make the background go away.


Picture of the day: A view from above

It is a quite lovely day here in Northern Norway, and I went on a short hike to get a good vantage point overlooking the my hometown of Brønnøysund, and its two most famous mountains. Torghatten on the far left, and Ramtind on the far right. Shot with a drone at about 100 meter above sea level.