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Winter is coming

I was out and about today, and we have started to have a lovely cold winter weather here. So I went down to the seashore, and catch some of the last rays of sunshine against the frozen water.



Picture of the day: A view from above (Torghatten)

Another day, and another view of the mountain Torghatten, that I have depicted so many times before. But this time it is from a different angle, above. I was out and about with some friends on an other mountain, that is about twice as high as Torghatten, and that makes for a spectacular view.  Just notice all the small islands, surrounding the spectacular mountain.




Picture of the day: The blue continent

No trip to the Arctic or Antarctica is without ice and icebergs, and the share might of this magnificent creations is just awe-inspiring. This is shot just of shore on one of the landings in the impressive continent, and I have to admit, that bright blue color just takes my breath away.


Picture of the day: Rusted whaling ship in Grytviken, South Georgia

Grytviken was the biggest whaling station in the Southern Oceans , when whaling was still being done down there. As a Norwegian it was quite fascinating to see the share size of the operation, and how big the industry was. As as we all know, what kind of impact it had on the whale population.  The image is of a standard whaling ship that is beach in the harbour of the complex, and is possible to see from site, that today serves a kind of museum.


Picture of the day: Lighthouse (almost) at the end of the world

This is the famous lighthouse in the Beagle channel outside Ushuaia. It is not the lighthouse in the Jules Verne novel “The lighthouse at the end of the world”, that is a little further out, and even more inaccessible. But it is still makes for an excellent view, and serves very well as a note of caution of the dangerous waters in the areas.