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Picture of the day: Everlasting chess game

Almost one year ago I went on an amazing photography workshop in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We stayed mostly in Sarajevo, and that is a great city. Wandering around looking at people and experiencing daily life is quite amazing. The image that I bring out today is from downtown , not far from the old town, where an almost everlasting game of chess is commencing.  People are watching , participating and enjoying the show. A thing of beauty.


A walk by the sea shore

I live next to the sea, and today the sun was up, it was good conditions for a walk to se if I could spot some nice image opportunities.

Frist of I found a lot of nice looking shells laying around in the sand


A lot of green algae is visible when there is low water.


Here are some more sea weed.


Here are a small shell hiding in the sea


I don’t know which type of sea grass or weed this is , but it have a stunning colour.

yellow seaweed

And last but not least. The sea gull. This white, load, noisy and kind of bothersome bird , defiantly is the kind around these parts 🙂



Trip to the mountain

We where three friends that thought that doing a little trip in the forrest was a good ide. We set out to find some caves.

First thing we found was some nice streams.


Then it was time to venture on. The winter is long lasting in northern Norway, but we found some sure signs that summer is coming.


In a small pond we found a tiny frog that had frozen under the water….


Then we found a large cave, and as you can see in the video, it was massive

And last, but not least. A landscape image of my hometown as seen from the mountain.