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Picture of the day: The moais of Easter Island

Since it is a few months until my next trip, I am showing some images from the archive. The chosen image of the day is from the moai mine on Easter Island that I visited back in 2013. The moai mine was the Volcano where the mighty statues was made, and then they “walked”, or moved their way to their permanent locations around the magnificent island.


Picture of the day: The cemetary at Easter Island

Some shots I like more when I look at the afterwards, then at the moment when I took them. This is one of them. This is the cemetery at Easter Island, the beautiful island located in the middle of the pacific, and the island itself is the one place on earth that is  permanently populated , and furthest from any other populated places on the planet. This is a sunset shot, and I think it is something “eternal” about it.  If  I am not mistaken, what lies beneath the horizon is Australia.