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Beer party in Pyongyang

This is maybe the most unexpected post I have ever written. A beer party is something you think about in Munich or other places that have a Oktoberfest with german inspired customs and culture. And that is exactly what they have done in Pyongyang, North Korea. People need bread and circus, like the Romans said, and the North Koreans have set up quite the venue by the river, and to my big surprise. It was the first every such event , and it lasts most of august and it looks pretty much as anywhere else in the world regarding a county faire, or a similar kind of public party.

The  entrance was quite normal for such an event.


The venue was packed with people. Mostly locals, and some tourists like me.


There here some cooking going on.


People seemed to enjoy themself


The crew of staff and waitresses where wearing “stewardess” like uniforms


Here is a little video that capture some of the “feeling” of being on a beer festival in Pyongyang.

I  have to admit. This is not what I had anticipated when I was i North Korea, a little bit of western culture.




Picture of the day: Weather experience – It has started snowing early this year….

We had a very early Christmas party at work yesterday…. (it is usually  held a lot closer to Christmas….. but ok.. ) The funny thing was that the first  snow started falling yesterday, and since the we where attending the party on board a ship I show you little “weather experience ” from the town of Rørvik in Northern Norway late yesterday when we where boarding the ship to go back home. (The rest of the images from the evening is for private viewing only 🙂  )