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Another photography tip: Safe transport of a Sigmonster (or other gigant lenses)

Note! I am in no way affiliated with the brands that I mention here. This is just my personal opinion.

When I travel, I enjoy the art of taking pictures. And when I travel I need to bring my equipment. One of the major issues with photo equipment as everyone knows is that it can be very difficult to both bring, and to transport many or large lenses, tripods or other large items. One lens I will talk a little bit about is my beloved Sigma 300-800 F5.6 aka the “Sigmonster”. It is a gigantic lens , and to be quite hounest it can be challanging to bring along.

More info on the Sigmonster you can find here

One especially difficult bit is how you transport them on a plane since it is impossible to bring it in your carry on.  My solution have been to get a Peli case 1650. Peli is a famous brand for making military spec protective cases, and in my opinion they are absolutely worth the money.  They are sturdy, rough, and can realy handle a beating…

It is one more feature that I realy like about the cases, and that it can hold two pad locks in addition to the seven hatches on the case. My advice would be to get the TSA aproved types if you are going on air travel. Then you dont have to  worry about people opening it without you knowlegde (since the TSA locks leaves a trace color if opened with the TSA key) , and the TSA agents can expect it if they need to.

More information on the Peli cases can be found here.


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