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Picture of the day : A view of Machu Picchu

Another image from the archives, but still one of the greatest travel memories of all. The Inka town of Machu Picchu. If one place should be on your bucket list, that should be it.


Picture of the day: A lonely scavenger

I am looking thru old images, and it is a remarkable thing looking at things in a new way.  Todays images is from the Peruvian Amazon jungle, and the image is of a vulture, that I have to admit is not the prettiest of creatures, but I think it looked kind of majestic sitting in the middle of the river contemplating whatever a vulture would contemplate.


Picture of the day: Caiman at the riverbank

When I went into the Tambopata in Madre de Dios as part of the Peruvian Amazonas last year, we got a look at this caiman.  Caiman is the smallest part of the crocodile family.  and it was just enjoying the sun. (I think they are nocturnal, so I guess it was just preserving energy for hunt)