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Picture of the day: Fisherman in Vietnam

This is shot on the small island of Phu Quoc outside Vietnam. The local fisherman is preparing their equipment for their trip.


A small vietnamese fishing village in Phu Quoc

When I went to Vietnam this summer, I traveled as a part of a larger group from Norway , and that was a very fine trip. But on one of the last days I just felt like doing some exploring on my own.

I found a lovely Picture on a local postcard, and I wanted to find out where it was taken. It showed a couple of woman standing on a bridge of some sorts. I found the bridge , and it looked something like this.

After asking in the lobby of my hotel I found that the bell boy had a brother that lived in that village, and he could arrange a driver to take me there. I had a very good time getting to walk around with the locals taking images. And even if it is a poor country village in a small island in Vietnam, I have to say that It is one of the more interesting places that I have had the pleasure of taking images of.

This was the general feel of the village.

And as you can see, fishing was the primary Activity in the village.

Take care – Ray

Picture of the day: A fish marked in Phu Quoc , Vietnam

When I traveled thru Vietnam this summer, I ended up in Phu Quoc island that is a very beautiful,  and have a lot of the traditional asian way of life. Amonst other activities it had several markets , and this one was near the largest town on the island. This local woman was selling her Fish.