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Picture of the day: A man in a tree

This quite unusual view, was shot at the Polynesian Cultural Centre in Hawaii a couple of years ago. The entire place was amazing, and comes highly recommended.


My round the world trip – Statistics

Here are some statistics and memories from my recently finished trip

Days traveled : 47
Trips by plane: 11
Distance traveled by plane: 35000 km + some
Number of counties visited: 7
Number of towns visited: 10
Number of images taken : aprox: 14 000
Guides used: 4
The best guide: Bella from Brigde to Moscow , she was fantastisk 🙂
Interesting people meet: countless
Best sunset: Honolulu, Hawaii
Best sunrise: Swallowdale, Canada
Most impressive sight: Taj Mahal seen from the Agra fort
Most crowded place: Delhi
Most scary sight: The pod at the CN Tower (I allways forget that I kind of dont like hights…)
Coolest image possibility: Inside a shark cage outside Nort Shore, Oahu
Best cultural event: The Polynesian cultural centre, Oahu
Best sporting event: Championship Muay Thai night at Lumpinee national stadion in Bangkok