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Picture of the day: Sarajevo Bobsleigh track

One year ago I was in Bosnia on a photography workshop with a former war photographer. It was quite an experience, and you get to hear a lot of stories from the conflict , from the locals and others. Todays image is of the 1984 Olympic bobsleigh track, located in the mountains just outside Sarajevo. Today street art ,and painting have taken over, but there are wounds from the war all around. Made quite the impression to see this.



Picture of the day: Everlasting chess game

Almost one year ago I went on an amazing photography workshop in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We stayed mostly in Sarajevo, and that is a great city. Wandering around looking at people and experiencing daily life is quite amazing. The image that I bring out today is from downtown , not far from the old town, where an almost everlasting game of chess is commencing.  People are watching , participating and enjoying the show. A thing of beauty.


Picture of the day: History…..

As many of you know I went on a trip in may to Bosnia together with some other photographers on a workshop together with a former war photographer that lived and worked there during the war of 1992-1995. There where many impressions that I have been reluctant to share on my blog, but some I just have to share.  Todays image is from the central Sarajevo where there is a monument dedicated to all the children that perished in Sarajevo during the war. The second to last day that I was in Bosnia,  there where a quite powerful ceremony  at the site with a lot of people laying down flowers on the monument to remember the tragedy. The image was shot that same night when I was going back to my hotel, and there where no one else around….. It felt awfully quiet…..


Picture of the day: Street art in the Sarajevo Train station

When I was travelling down to Mostar from Sarajevo we had to leave from the train station in Sarajevo. The Train station have a kind of cool pice of architecture in it self, but as you can see, there is a lot of graffiti and street art in the tunnels beneath the railway tracks.


Picture of the day: A Sarajevo rose

This is a little odd picture for me to post, but a very important one. A Sarajevo Rose is a concrete scar, where a mortar shell exploded during the war of 20 years ago. You find them all over Sarajevo, and sometimes there are put roses to make the place even more visible. It just makes a huge impression on me, and I think it is important to share such, and don’t forget what actually happened here.


Picture of the day: View of Sarajevo

I am back home again, and my mind is rethinking what I did experienced in Bosnia over the last ten days. Such amazing places and people, all sharing stories that is difficult to hear, and equally difficult to comprehend. But still it was so much cheer and laughter. It made a huge impression on me. The image of the day is just  a view of the lovely town of Sarajevo, that allow me to meet all these  people, and that willingly shared their stories with me.