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Picture of the day: Strike a pose

I enjoy shooting  travel, street  and animal photographs.  At least , that is what I like to take images of when I bring my camera and gear. Sometimes when you look at old images, and takes them thru the creative process they give you a different feel, and you see a different potential in them.

The image of the day is from my trip to The Galapagos Islands a couple of years ago, and this little seal was posing nicely at a rock. I do not have much experience doing portraiture or modeling shots, and this I guess is as close as I can get. The seal have definitely learned how to catch the light, and  striking a pose for the photographer.


A little nature movie: Stingrays, sharks and turtles at Galapagos

I have put together some underwater videos from some of the snorkelling that was arranged at my trip to Galapagos this summer.  You can see some different animals, such as stingrays, shark, turtle and sealions.

Hope you enjoy.