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Picture of the day: Torghatten covered in snow

I have posted many pictures of the mountain Torghatten with the very  recognisable shape and hole straight thru base of it. It is quite stunning , and today I thought it dressed it self up nicely covered in snow.



Picture of the day: Antarctic weather

One of the many fascinating things in Antarctica is the ever-changing weather.  I felt  extremely lucky with the  weather, and had every version of it on my trip,  and as a keen photographer, I kind of enjoy it when it is “interesting” outside. This shot is done i Half Moon Bay in the South Shetland Islands, and it was very windy and snowy. Quite excellent. 🙂


Picture of the day: The snow have arrived….

I woke up today, and the snow had finally arrived, and it had snowed a lot during the morning hours.  I just want to show a couple of images that I took earlier today.

Just to give a little more impression of how much snow that have arrived today. The same place was green and wet yesterday.



Picture of the day: A Svalbard duck

I think I have shown this image before, but a good thing can be repeated. When I visited Svalbard in the Easter of this year. I went on a snowmobile trip, and together on the trip we had a very nice Taiwanese couple. And the girl had this art thing where she took on a duck mask , and got her pictures taken in different places and setting. So I kind of discovered a new species. The Svalbard duck. And as you can see, the duck is eating reindeer heart, and seem to be enjoying it. This is just one of these moments that makes travel amazing for me.


Take care


Picture of the day: Weather experience – It has started snowing early this year….

We had a very early Christmas party at work yesterday…. (it is usually  held a lot closer to Christmas….. but ok.. ) The funny thing was that the first  snow started falling yesterday, and since the we where attending the party on board a ship I show you little “weather experience ” from the town of Rørvik in Northern Norway late yesterday when we where boarding the ship to go back home. (The rest of the images from the evening is for private viewing only 🙂  )