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A memory of this years travel

We are in the approaching the end of the year. And I have seen quite a lot this year. The highlight was of course the summer adventure thru south America. So I just felt like share a little memory form a day excursion in the Tambopata region of the Peruvian Amazonas. Floating around the lake , in this small and overcrowded boat. Sturdy operated by our guide, and finding some crackers to feed the piranhas …. All in all a wonderful memory 🙂


So the next trips are already in planning, but next week I will go home for the holidays, and then I will leave to go and celebrate New Years in Antigua.

More adventures to come 🙂


Picture of the day: The many horses on Easter Island

One of small facts that I found most fascinating about Easter Island was that there are over 3000 horses on that relatively small Island, and only 100 that are being uses for tourism purposes. That implies that you will be meeting horses everywhere you go on the island, and it can be quite a site.