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Picture of the day: If your pictures is not good enough, you are not close enough (MACRO)

It is a nice spring day here in northern Norway, and I felt like venturing out doing some macro shots of the forest that are coming alive. So like the old master Robert Capa said,  pictures is about getting close, and MACRO shots is all about that. Image of the day  is of a little top of a flower, showing it self of. It is shot in the middle of the day, and if you are wondering about the black background is because I used a flash to make the background go away.


Picture of the day: If your picures aren`t good enough, you aren`t close enough

Did the famous war photographer Robert Capa say… It is spring here in my hometown in Northern Norway, and I have been out trying to do some macro photography today. Nature is transforming, and bugs and insects is coming out of their hiding. This tiny little spider was out in the sunshine, and I think I got “close enough” to serve the complex creature justice in all its detail.