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Photo tip: Different bags, backpacks, suitcases and other cases for different use

Note! I am not associated with any of the brands that I mention in this post.

I am a firm believer in that different situations  or work require a different tools, and that also counts when it comes to photography.  Not least regarding  how you transport your gear. So I have gotten myself some different  bags that I use in different cases.

A quick  summary is that I can divide my different transport gear into the following.

1. Shoulder strap camera bags

2. Camera suit case

3. Back packs

4. Hard cases

Shoulder strap camera bags

This is the ordinary and basic ones. I have  three. The main difference between them is the size, and hence how much gear you can bring with you.

My smallest one is this one here from a company named Godspeed and is very basic. The nice thing about it is that is large enough to bring with a DSLR , and an extra cloth to clean the lens. or som other small items.  It will only support one of the smaller lenses, but should be fine if you are doing a basic shoot.

Image: http://www.filgifts.com/view.asp?xitem=God003.1

The next one is also a Godspeed bag (Model : SY 802M) . It is a bit bigger, and starting to be more practical. If you are going to a little more complex shoot, and you need to bring some extra batteries, some different lenses (smaller primes) or a flash. This model is big enough that you can bring some supplies along when you go and take pictures.  This is one of the one that I uses the most.

Image: http://www.linkdelight.com/330729011M-Godspeed-SY-802M-Waterproof-Shoulder-Camera-Bag.html

The last one of this sort of bag I have and use is an even bigger bag from Godspeed. This is rather large, and in addition to you DSLR and a flash, it can hold several lenses and a lot of other equipment that you feel you need. I use this bag if I go on trips that last for some days, and want to bring some equipment along. The only negative I have to say about the bag is that it can feel a bit heavy if it is fully loaded.  Another practical  implication is the size makes it not fit in the overhead bins on smaller regional airlines. So you might have to stow it under your seat. But the overall look and feel is quite good.

Image: http://www.fotokamerataschen.de/fototasche/alpineplus/photobag-100-tasche-fototasche-kameratasche/a-100044/

Camera suit cases

There are many different companies making camera suitcases, but the one that I have is from Lowepro, and one is the Pro Roller X200. The reason for choosing that specific case is that first of all it is airline approved as hand luggage, and that is very nice feature when I travel a lot. And the second reason it that is was fairly easy to buy at camera stores in Norway. (most of them stock gear from Lowepro) Lets go back to the point of airline for a little while. One of my main concerns when traveling with my camera gear is that some of it should be lost or damage during the security checks in the airports. When I am traveling with my backpack I often was asked to empty it, and that was of quite a concern. With a suitcase you can just open the lid if they need to look inside, and everything is tidy and visible for them to see. I never have to take anything out, so the practical layout of the suitcase is helping regarding security. I can mention that I feel that my equipment is nicely protected in the suitcase, and it have a lot of nice practical solutions  to help you in the shooting.

Image: store.lowepro.com

Back packs

And for me it is Lowepro again,  I use two different back packs . I kind of depends on the situation. The first one is Photo sport AW, and I have to say It is just amazing. It is light , flexible , durable , and very practical. It is very nice to have as a sort of daypack to use on hikes, or in the city if you need to be a bit anonymous. It also have a built-in raincoat that is handy.  The only negative I can say that it is a bit difficult to bring a lot of equipment, it just not designed for it. But like I said , It is a personal favorite when I need it.

Image: store.lowepro.com

The second backpack I use is the Lowepro Flipside 400 AW. This is a very nice designed bag, for the purpose of being fast and sturdy for protecting sensitive gear. I use it primarily when I need to carry a lot of delicate equipment such as flashes and lenses, an I need a little bit more space and protection then I get in the Photo Sport bag. Two of the mail features is that it have back compartment entry that gives you extra security.  In addition you find a lot of the same signature details and features that you find in other Lowepro equipment.

Image: store.lowepro.com

Hard cases

I have previously posted my tip on how to transport your Sigmonster or other large lenses. To conclude , hard cases is the answer.  The most well-known one is Peli that produces the Peli Cases. These are military standard, and are made to handle a beating. Like I have mentioned I a using such a Peli case for my sigmonster. But there is also other manufactures that makes such style of cases. One of them is B+W , that I have a couple of in different sizes.  Why I like to use this type of cases i obvious. They are though. Especially if you are transporting zoom lenses I would recommend you using them.  What I enjoy is that most such cases comes with a foam that is able to be shaped into what you need. So you can fit the case to the lens or what other type of equipment that you want to protect.

Eksample of Peli case is the 1650 that I use for my Sigmonster

Image: flight-cases.nu

The smaller B+W cases looks like this

Image: http://www.fotovideo.no

Hope you found some of the information useful.

Take care, and safe travel