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Pictures of the day: Antarctic family picture

Another one from my trip to Antarctica. Todays image is from the Antarctic peninsula, and a pack of penguins where enjoying the sun.


Picture of the day: Summer in Barbados

It is cold and snowy here at home in Norway. I have been to Antarctica, and I guess I could use a little bit of sun. And that is what the picture archive is for. Todays image is from the magnificent island of Barbados, and I shot it some years ago. I adore that place.


Picture of the day: Pigeon in the city

I was in Stavanger a couple of weeks ago, and there where some great sunny days and lovely weather (at least by Norwegian standards)

The city centre of Stavanger is quite lush, and you have some parks with a little lake, and a lot of pigeons and seagulls making up the natural “wildlife”, and this little pigeon was sitting alone in a tree contemplating whatever a city born and breed pigeon is contemplating on a nice summer day.