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Picture of the day: At the glacier

My Antarctica adventure is just a little over a month away, and I am looking very much forward to it. So todays image is another on from the high Arctic , at Svalbard, where I shot this image of a glacier at the East Coast of the main island, Spitsbergen. Looking forward to shooting images of Antarctic icebergs later this year.


Picture of the day: Iceberg on Svalbard

I am looking back at old images from old trips, and are planning new ones. My thought goes today to my trip to the east cost of Svalbard last year. It is quite stunning to stand in the middle of the frozen ocean looking for polar bears. Even if I did not get to see them, I know they where in  the neighborhood.


Picture of the day: Snowmobile trip on Svalbard

We are in the winter part of the year , but where I am in the western part of Norway, the snow is missing. So todays image is from my trip to the Svalbard islands earlier this year. I was out looking for the king of the Arctic, Ursus Maritinus also knows as the Polar bear, but it was nowhere to be found.


Picture of the day: Some coal mine history at Svalbard

Todays image is some of the carriages  that were used to bring the coal down from the many mines surrounding Longyearbyen town at Svalbard. Today the mining is very much reduced , and the carriages have been replaces with trucks. Still they make for excellent photographic opportunities.


Picture of the day: A Svalbard duck

I think I have shown this image before, but a good thing can be repeated. When I visited Svalbard in the Easter of this year. I went on a snowmobile trip, and together on the trip we had a very nice Taiwanese couple. And the girl had this art thing where she took on a duck mask , and got her pictures taken in different places and setting. So I kind of discovered a new species. The Svalbard duck. And as you can see, the duck is eating reindeer heart, and seem to be enjoying it. This is just one of these moments that makes travel amazing for me.


Take care


Picture of the day : Out shooting ….. photos

This image was taken at the Svalbard Islands in april this year. One of the activities that I did when I was up there was going on a photowalk together with a pro photographer. And one of the very cool things about Svalbard, is that you are not on top of the food chain. The top is the “Ursus Maritinus” , commony known as the polar bear, and for protection you have to bring a rifle if you are going outside the  safety of the town. And this image shows the photographer getting her gear out with her rifle within reach.