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Picture of the day: Caiman at the riverbank

When I went into the Tambopata in Madre de Dios as part of the Peruvian Amazonas last year, we got a look at this caiman.  Caiman is the smallest part of the crocodile family.  and it was just enjoying the sun. (I think they are nocturnal, so I guess it was just preserving energy for hunt)


A memory of this years travel

We are in the approaching the end of the year. And I have seen quite a lot this year. The highlight was of course the summer adventure thru south America. So I just felt like share a little memory form a day excursion in the Tambopata region of the Peruvian Amazonas. Floating around the lake , in this small and overcrowded boat. Sturdy operated by our guide, and finding some crackers to feed the piranhas …. All in all a wonderful memory 🙂


So the next trips are already in planning, but next week I will go home for the holidays, and then I will leave to go and celebrate New Years in Antigua.

More adventures to come 🙂