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Picture of the day: Lighthouse (almost) at the end of the world

This is the famous lighthouse in the Beagle channel outside Ushuaia. It is not the lighthouse in the Jules Verne novel “The lighthouse at the end of the world”, that is a little further out, and even more inaccessible. But it is still makes for an excellent view, and serves very well as a note of caution of the dangerous waters in the areas.


Picture of the day: Some birds in the Beagle channel

I am in Ushuaia, and I got an opportunity to take a little  morning trip with a boat down the Beagle channel, and seeing some of the local islands , and the stunning scenery here in the “Tierra del Fuego”. The choosen image is of a couple of seabirds that was relaxing on top a little island in the channel.


Picture of the day: Port at end of the world

I have finally made it to “The land of fire / Tierra del Fuego”, and the lovely port town of Ushuaia. It is quite cold,  and there is snow in the air, but regarding temperature it is nothing compared to what is coming during the next weeks. Todays image is of the busy harbour here in Ushuaía, that is where I will be leaving from in a few days.