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Picture of the day: Life on the mighty Mekong

One from the archive. This is from a trip to Vietnam a couple of years ago, and no trip there is without a tour to the Mekong river that is a lifeline of that region.



Picture of the day: Daily life on the Mekong river

Another from the archive, but previously not shown. This is shot at the mighty Mekong river in Vietnam last year. A very interesting place to be, with a lot of history and culture. The Mekong is the lifeline, and todays image is of  what I  guess are some local fisherman that are out doing what they to, surrounded by stunning scenery.


Picture of the day: A Fishing village in Vietnam

Still going down memory lane, revisiting old trips . This image is from a fishing village on the Island of Phu Quoc of mainland Vietnam. I got some help from a local  guide to take me off the beaten tourist track on the island, and I had quite a splendid time shooting a part of the island, that rarely is seen by tourists.