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A kind of an apparently peaceful war zone

This is a landscape image. But not just from anywhere. It is shot inside the DMZ between North and South Korea from the northern side. Technically there is a truce (armistice agreement) between the UN and North Korea, and that means it still is (even 70 years after the conlict) an “official state of war between the sides”,  so it is special feeling being in this place. We got taken to an observation post on top of a hill, maybe an hours drive from the Joint Security Area (JSA) near Kesong / Panmunjan, and got to look a little bit over the DMZ. The DMZ have a 2 km side that the North have, then you have the demarkation line, and then 2 km of southern part of the DMZ, and then you have South Korea. From the viewpoint you could see over to South Korea, and to my big surprise I was free to take as many images that I wanted. What you can see  in the image is villages and mountain ranges in South Korea, divided by green fields. Not to be mistaken. The lush and green fields are probably full of mines, small arms and other equipment like it was told by the army officer that gave us the tour of the JSA. But still, to be one of the most militarized places in the world. It does not appear to be.



Picture of the day: Sarajevo Bobsleigh track

One year ago I was in Bosnia on a photography workshop with a former war photographer. It was quite an experience, and you get to hear a lot of stories from the conflict , from the locals and others. Todays image is of the 1984 Olympic bobsleigh track, located in the mountains just outside Sarajevo. Today street art ,and painting have taken over, but there are wounds from the war all around. Made quite the impression to see this.


Picture of the day: The bigger things…..

I am on a photographer workshop in Bosnia Herzegovina at the moment, and a big part of the workshop is naturally related to the war of not so long ago. It have only been 20 years, and even though much have been rebuild, there are many, way to many places that the visual impressions gives no doubt about what happened here. The picture of the day, is of a hotel that was made for the Sarajevo Olympics in 1984 in the mountain regions outside Sarajevo town. As you can see from the image, It is totally destroyed, and todays serves as a grim reminder of the war, and is located  beautifully on top of a hill.  I got permission to go inside, and I doubt I will post more of those images here, but seeing this , along with hearing all the stories form the local people , certainly makes an impression.